Rare set of 4 chairs designed by Jan Brunott. Late 1920s

Brand:Jan Brunott The Hague
Design:Jan Brunott
Model:Thought to have been LOV chairs, in 2024 a quite similar model of these chairs appeared in a complete interior designed by Jan Brunott.
Provenance:Private collection
Country:The Netherlands
Year:around 1928-1932
Literature:Pictured as LOV chairs in "Het Nederlandse Meubelboek"
Condition:Excellent. New fabric by De Ploeg and Kvadrat
Size:Height: 107 CM. Quite heavy chairs
Additional information:Jan Brunott was one of the best 1920s-1930s Hague School interior designers. Most of his designs were one of produced in his own workshop.
Price:€ 3850.00
Category: Seating