Rare 1930s chair by "Meubelfabriek De Ster Geldermalsen"

Brand:De Ster Geldermalsen, or Tubax, produced by "Werkhuizen Vits", Vilvoorde.
Model:Unknown for De Ster; model "X" for Tubax
Provenance:Extremely rare chair from a private collection
Country:The Netherlands or Belgium
Literature:A.o. a 1930s Tubax catalogue
Condition:Excellent; some small parts of the cane are missing. All bolts and screws are original.
Size:Height: 85 CM; width: 39 CM; depth: 48 CM and seat height: 45 CM
Additional information:In the 1930s some same designs were produced and/or sold by De Ster Geldermalsen and by Tubax Vilvoorde. More research is needed.
Price:€ 695.00
Categories: Seating, Bauhaus style