Unique set of 4 1930s d3 chairs; Model no. 36

Brand:d3 Rotterdam
Design:Paul Schuitema or Ir. Jan van Ettinger
Model:Model no. 36 in the 1934 d3 catalogue
Provenance:Private collection
Country:The Netherlands
Year:1924 or early 1935. This model did not return after april 1935 as a Fana model.
Literature:Book "Volmaakt Verchroomd" page 148 and 2100 Metal Tubular Chairs by O. Macel, page 35
Condition:Chrome original and in good condition. New, heavy duty high gloss black spray paint
Size:Height: 78 CM; depth: 52 CM; width: 40 CM and seat height: 45 CM
Additional information:These chairs are rare; now a good opportunity for a set of four.
Price:€ 1195.00
Categories: Seating, Bauhaus style