Original d3 Paul Schuitema easy chair model bb or, later, number "55"

Brand:d3 Rotterdam (this chair is NOT a re-edition by Gebr. Van der Stroom)
Design:Paul Schuitema
Model:Model bb or "55" (after around 1934). A rare and exclusive easy chair.
Provenance:Private collection
Country:The Netherlands
Year:1932 - 1934
Literature:Book "Volmaakt Verchroomd"
Condition:Needs new upholstering; email us for choice in color / fabric by De Ploeg or Kvadrat (website: www.dutchoriginals.com). Chrome and all screws / bolts fully original and unrestored.
Additional information:Price is including new upholstering by Gebr. Van der Stroom; email us for the price excl. upholstering.
Price:€ 3895.00
Categories: Seating, Bauhaus style