1930s rare Gispen 506 side table; linoleum and aluminum

Design:Desesigned by W.H. Gispen in 1933 after Marcel Breuer's B9 table
Model:Model no. 506 (Largest version of the three available sizes. After 1945 renamed model no. 516)
Country:The Netherlands
Literature:Stichting Gispencollectie.nl and book "W.H. Gispen serieproducten 1923-1960", page 163
Condition:Original condition; minor wear on the chromed parts and some damage to the linoleum
Size:Height: 48 CM; length: 50 CM and depth: 34 CM
Additional information:Price at request. Aluminum with linoleum top versions are rare.
Categories: Tables, Bauhaus style